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Central Lobao



Central Lobão, S.A.
Rua da Gândara, 664
4520-606 São João de Ver
Santa Maria da Feira

Tel: +351 256 331 080
Fax: +351 256 331 089

E-mail: dcomercial@centrallobao.pt



Central Lobão, S.A. is located in Rua da Gândara, n.º 664,
county of São João de Ver, concelho de Santa Maria da Feira,
a 3 Km from Europarque.
GPS Coordinates::
40°56'41.49"N  |  8°34'10.53"W

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Central Lobão is a Portuguese based company, specialized in hand tools, machinery, equipment, electrical material and lighting, focused on several areas such as construction, DIY, agriculture and gardening.

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