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Central Lobao


The quality warranty is a solid and cross-cut principle of the company as a whole, which can be reflected on its way of operating and on its relations. From the product development to the suppliers’ selection, from the logistic service to the relationship with the clients, the Quality Policy sets the standards in order to assure the highest competitive standards on the price/product quality, as well as on the integrated and global service provided to all our target public, contributing to the strengthening of our image and reliability of our brands.
In this way, Central Lobão assures the sustainable growth and the recognition as a reference company on its target markets, throughout the dynamism, responsibility, competitiveness and presented quality.
Central Lobão is a certified company according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.


Following, Central Lobão’s Quality Policy principles:
Central Lobão intends to cement its position as an international player reference for the construction tools, building equipments, DIY, gardening, and illumination, with global, competitive and agile solutions, founded on the consolidation of the quality of its brands and ranges, as well as dynamism and commercial support / marketing which can differentiate and generate added value and trustamong its clients.
Central Lobão approaches all markets with the same purpose of fostering the penetration of its own brands throughout the quality/price ratio and the creation of the conditions to promote the notoriety and recognition of its brands.
Central Lobão seeks to compromise its suppliers to the permanent challenge of assuring the availability and upgrading of the ranges, continuously adjusting them to the market demand, according to the technical and qualitative most demanding and relevant parameters, as per the market competition contexts.
Central Lobão is committed to maximize the client’s satisfaction levels, throughout the continuous improvement of the services and provision of stronger, relevant and assertive brands, generator of higher trust, rotation and business.
Central Lobão believes on the development of its human resources, promoting the team work and the satisfaction of the employees, aiming to well serve the client.
Central Lobão aintends to continuously improve the Quality Management System, according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, using it as  a relevant management tool.
Central Lobão is committed to fulfil all applicable legal requirements.


Central Lobão selects the best partners in order to assure the highest quality on the products which integrate the range of each one of its own brands VITO, ASLO and ITOOLS.
The quality warranty process starts on the partners/suppliers’ selection, identified by its technical capacities and by the rigorous fulfilment of both national and community standards, applicable to our vast range of products. With the CE mandatory marking, Central Lobão assures all the products comply with the law’s requests.
Therefore, with our vast technical staff, we privilege the certified suppliers, promoting the regular preventive inspections and assure whenever necessary the Certification by independent organisms credited on the European Union.
It is a continuous process, with a rigorous control on each step, since the raw material’s reception until the packing, storage and expedition. Several tests are performed to assure the product is in conformity, i.e. complies with all standards.
In this way, it is possible achieve the characterization and referencing of the products with a Technical File, and also the definition of the most adequate, functional and appealing packing, containing the user/consumers’  most necessary and relevant information to its enlightenment and safety, and keeping the image consistency.
These are the vast set of reasons from which we are proud of our product’ quality, and express all our commitment to prove it and reinforce it to our costumers from today and from tomorrow.

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Central Lobão is a Portuguese based company, specialized in hand tools, machinery, equipment, electrical material and lighting, focused on several areas such as construction, DIY, agriculture and gardening.

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